9 Ways to Get Involved After COVID-19

Social distancing has been lonely and isolating for many of us. I keep looking forward to seeing human faces again! Life has changed in ways we are yet to fully realize, so the connection is more important now than ever before. Our collective communities have been broken, and it will take care and effort to rebuild them. Reentering the community may seem a little daunting, but here are nine ways to easily reconnect to your community and enrich your life in the process.

9. Find a social club

There are scores of social clubs that range from ladies who play bridge together once a week to groups who share an exotic meal once a year. Find a social club that fits your interests and desired level of commitment. Just search phrases that include your town or neighborhood and interest. Social clubs are perfect because everyone is there for the same primary purpose, to socialize.

8. Learn a new skill

It is never too late to learn a new skill, and doing so happens to be a fantastic way to connect with others who share your interests. Look for continuing education classes at local universities for a vast selection of courses tailored to fit nontraditional students. Your local school system might also offer night classes that focus on hands-on or job-related skills. These classes range from watercolor to refrigerator repair and are usually affordable and incredibly rewarding.

7. Build a House

If you like to work and don’t mind getting a little sweaty, you can literally change someone’s life in a weekend. There are many churches and charities doing real physical work all over the world. If you have the travel bug, this is another opportunity for you to combine your passions. Don’t be afraid to ask a church to join their projects even if you don’t practice the religion. Helping one another is the shared goal, and most every time, you will be welcomed with open arms. There is nothing that connects people more than doing good, and of course, spending long hours together in close quarters.

6. Meet people who have the same interests

Get out and involved in the community by attending events or meetups that align with your interests. You can search online or check out your local parks and recreation department for an easy outing you don’t have to plan! Parks and recreation departments frequently organize group outings to theater productions, shopping malls, festivals, and even grocery stores. Relive those days of school field trips and find a new buddy!

5. Join a local choir or band

Dig that old high school marching trombone out of the attic and blow out the cobwebs! If you were ever in an ensemble, you remember the magical ring at the end of a piece. The rolling tone, as each section drops off within a millisecond, and then the silence that follows just ringing with triumph. It is not too late to feel that again. Look for local philharmonics, club bands, church choirs, and choral societies that you can audition to join. Many times if you aren’t practiced enough to join, the group will let you sit in to practice, don’t be afraid to ask! These are also great places to meet a private tutor!

4. Pledge a sorority or fraternity

Sororities and fraternities are not just for college students, and that is fantastic news. Erase all the images you have from movies. The adult version isn’t full of scary hazing rituals, pillow fights, and raging keggers. They are just ordinary people who choose to better themselves together and support each other. These groups tend to encourage personal growth, cooperation between its members, good work in the community, and support charity. Look for a sorority or fraternity that fits your interests; some focus on religion where others focus on dining and other such finer things in life.

3. Champion a cause

Now is the perfect time to find a way to support those causes that are closest to your heart. If you love animals, look for local rescues or rehabilitation centers that allow volunteers. Though cleaning cages might not be glamorous, it is a rewarding way to support a good cause and make friends that share your interests. For those who have a special love for children, look for court advocacy or support charities. Through these groups, you can be a safe confidante and advocate for a child during their hardest times. You can drastically change lives through many of your local programs. A quick internet search will help you find local organizations doing good work and desperately needing your help.

2. Start a community garden

The easiest way to connect with your neighbors is to create a community space where you can be together. A community garden is a hip, healthy way to create that gathering space. And of course, the best part about a community garden is what you grow! Prepare meals for yourself and a few neighbors with your share of the bounty, and you have solidified your own tight-knit community. If you live in a place where you have no access to community space, consider joining or starting a residents’ council or building cleanup. As long as you get the neighborhood together, it doesn’t matter what the actual activity is, you are building a vital sense of community.

1. Go to Washington

The number one way to get involved post-COVID is good, old fashioned, boots on the ground, activism. Find a cause you support or an injustice you can’t ignore and make Mr. Smith proud. Look for local groups that are already working towards your passion on social media or start your own. Put your unique skill set and interests to work for your cause by making signs, websites, grant proposals, letters to representatives, or even your own legislation! Fighting for the same cause connects you to an imagined community that can be intense, but incredibly rewarding. This intense connection and passion is the number one antidote to isolation and loneliness. Get out there and make a difference!

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