8 Makeup Tricks to Hide Your Seasonal Allergy Symptoms

Spring and summer are fantastic times of the year. The weather is nice, vacations are being planned, and flowers are in bloom. But with all of that comes seasonal allergies: the runny nose, itchy eyes, congestion, and inflammation can make you feel awful and ruin any fun plans that you may have.

You can try to fight against your allergies through medication, by mindfully avoiding things that trigger your allergies, and by staying hydrated. However, sometimes this isn’t enough and can make you want to stay inside and miss out on all of the fun spring and summer activities. Stop hiding behind your large sunglasses and under your big hats. Below are 8 makeup tricks that you can use to hide your seasonal allergy symptoms so you can get out and enjoy spring and summer!

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Use a Gentle Cleanser

If you have allergies, there is a good chance that your skin is irritated and sensitive because of the symptoms you are experiencing. Adding makeup to your already sensitive, irritated skin sometimes isn’t the best idea. However, a gentle cleanser can help. These gentle products can help reduce any irritation to your skin. Some gentle cleansers even have soothing properties to reduce inflammation and to keep your skin moisturized.

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Use Ice

Before you start applying any makeup, it is vital to prepare your skin. If you have inflammation, put ice on the areas that cause you the most problems. The ice will help calm your skin and reduce any inflammation or puffiness.

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Waterproof Makeup

Waterproof makeup is a must if you have seasonal allergies, especially if you have itchy, watery eyes. Waterproof products will stay on all day and will stop your watery eyes from ruining your eyeliner, eyeshadow, and mascara.

Concealer, primer, foundation, powder, blush with make-up brushe

Color Correcting

One of your biggest friends, when you have allergies, is color correcting makeup. These color-correcting products can help you conceal your redness and inflammation. Usually, green color correcting makeup products will help hide any redness in your skin. Most of the time, color correcting concealers can do the trick. If you need a little more coverage, however, try gold or yellow-toned foundations, bb or cc creams, or tinted moisturizers along with your color correcting concealer.

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Blue Eye Makeup

Swollen and red eyes caused by your allergies are no fun. However, you can hide these symptoms by using blue eye makeup. While blue might not be your go-to color, blue eyeliner, in particular, can help disguise your red, itchy eyes. Remember not to go too overboard with the blue eye makeup, though. Try to stick with subtle blue tones and remember that less is more in the world of makeup.

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Like the blue eye makeup, contouring can be a little scary and even overwhelming to try. However, contouring can be a great way to hide your inflammation. This trick allows you to re-sculpt and minimizes the areas of your face that are swollen and puffy.

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Highlighter is a fun makeup product that can make your skin glow. It can also be used to help hide your allergy symptoms. Next time you need to conceal your puffy eyes, try applying your highlighter just below the swollen areas. The highlighter will create a shadow-like effect, making the inflamed area appear to be settled.

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Draw Attention Away from Problem Areas

If you have redness, inflammation, or red, itchy eyes caused by your allergies, one way to hide them is by drawing the attention away from your problem areas. For example, try highlighting your lips with a shiny lip gloss or bold lipstick. You can even try defining and sculpting your eyebrows to take the focus away from your eyes.

These are just some of the makeup tricks that can help you hide your seasonal allergy symptoms. Don’t be afraid to play with your makeup to see what works best for you!

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