7 Time-tested Health Benefits of Crystals

For thousands of years, our ancestors used crystals and other stones as health treatments, medicine, and talismans. These brilliant healers discovered the unique properties of stones and then worked to find practices that best harnessed the healing power of each. We benefit today from centuries of loving industry spent discovering the secrets of crystal therapy. The following list contains seven such health treatments using crystals and other stones.

7. Relieve Headaches

Amethyst crystals are said to bring calm, stability, and peace while alleviating fatigue. For many, muscle fatigue, stress, and strain are the cause of frequent headaches, so treatment with an amethyst crystal could offer relief. If you suffer frequent headaches, try wearing amethyst jewelry during stressful times. Use the beautiful purple hue, cool texture, and flat facets to refocus and relax when you feel the tension coming on.

6. Improve Circulation

As we sit more and more for work or leisure, we increase our risk of circulatory issues. Traditionally, Bloodstone or Heliotrope was worn as an amulet to purify the blood and improve circulatory health. Bloodstone is said to strengthen the liver and kidneys, purify the blood, and boost the immune system. It is a good idea to keep a piece of bloodstone by your computer to aid your circulation and remind you also to take frequent breaks to move your body.

5. Soothe Abdominal Pain

For intestinal upset, our ancestors looked to Sodalite, a beautiful royal blue gemstone rubbed on the stomach to ease cramping or stomach ache. For added benefit, try Fluorite, another mineral renowned for its ability to treat gas related issues. If you have some old souvenir fool’s gold sitting around, don’t toss it out! Iron Pyrite, or fool’s gold, helps calm, cleanse, and boost the digestive system.

4. Eases Joint Pain

Many of us come from a line of mothers suffering from arthritis. While they passed down a painful swelling of the joints, they thankfully also passed down natural crystal remedies. For joint pain and arthritis, look to Azurite Malachite, Fluorite, or Green Calcite. For added strength, when you must exert yourself, Apatite is said to nourish the skeletal system and maximize power.

3. Helps With Skin Issues

Aventurine is easy to remember as a skin remedy because it has a natural magical shimmer, just like a healthy complexion. Submerge Aventurine in water overnight then use the water in your skincare routine to treat acne, dandruff, and flaky skin. For more immediate treatment of dry, itchy skin look for ointments made from Soapstone, another favorite traditional skin remedy.

2. Manage Menstrual Symptoms

In the history of menstruation, we live in a golden time, but that still doesn’t make it easy. We can look to our ancestral mothers for effective treatments because they arose from necessity, most women experienced menstruation and the side effects it brings. Red Carnelian is a common treatment that has persevered with its ability to ease PMS, relieve menstrual cramps, and help regulate the reproductive cycle. The beautiful warm red stone is also said to invigorate the body and mind. Carnelian has traditionally been utilized in making wax stamp seals. These antique seals make beautiful jewelry that can easily be removed and placed on the stomach, or held in hand, to treat menstrual symptoms.

1. Lift Mood

Life is tough right now; routines are interrupted, people are isolated, families are grieving, kids are scared. Mental health is incredibly important, and many who have never struggled before are experiencing new fears and emotions. Because of this crisis, mood-lifting crystals top our list. When we bring a crystal into our home, we are but a flash in that stone’s existence, it was likely around millions of years before us and will continue to exist millions of years after we are gone. That realization of temporariness gives me a sense of gratitude that always grounds me in the moment and lifts my mood. For stones that have inherent mood-lifting properties look to Hematite, blue lace agate, golden topaz, and blue celestite to combat depression and gain clarity.

Mental health is a serious business. If depression or anxiety is affecting your quality of life, please talk to your doctor, there is help for you.

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