7 Activities for Mindfulness

It is impossible to open any healthy living publication without seeing something about mindfulness. I’ll admit I was a latecomer to the party; I didn’t really “get it,” but I’m delighted to be here now. Mindfulness is an incredible tool in our lives to put us in the moment and allow us to enjoy things we didn’t recognize before.

So what is mindfulness?

Simply put, mindfulness is experiencing the moment, bringing oneself into the present and appreciating it. Concentrating on the present is a powerful grounding tool to really bring your attention to what you are doing and how you are feeling. Too often, our minds are full of worry, doubt, and speculation, always wondering, strategizing, and just chattering. Mindfulness is the tool to quiet that hum and enjoy just being.

7. Mindful coloring

Touching every inch of a piece of paper is incredibly therapeutic. Feel the wax from the crayon or pencil glide across the paper, creating a layer of color. Smell the familiar scent of wax and wood as you take in the variety of vibrant colors just waiting for a chance to shine. Interact with your colors, notice how they mesh with others. Coloring allows us to shut off the noise in our brains and just enjoy the peace that comes from a focused, creative task. If you gravitate towards intricate detail in your art, look for adult coloring books that fit your unique interests. Coloring books that feature gardening, teacups, Beatles songs, or even fancily decorated curse words are available online and will satisfy even the pickiest art collector.

6. Positive affirmations

To be so complicated, the brain can occasionally surprise us with its simplicity. In this case, the mind is very literal in what it hears, so what you say to yourself matters. Repeating positive affirmations is a powerful way to promote overall well-being by reminding ourselves of our strengths and value.

5. Craft

Do you remember the joy of doing crafts as a child? The intense focus and the creativity unleashed; Your mind completely enthralled with what you were creating, The elated feeling when all that hard work came together in something you could feel proud of. Get that feeling back with a good old fashioned craft session. Try creating a deck of ideas for next time you want an activity for mindfulness!

4. Body scan meditation

The goal of a mindfulness exercise is to bring you into the now. The body scan meditation is perfect for recognizing sensory experience that you may not normally recognize. Begin the practice by finding a comfortable place to lie on your back, or settle into a comfy chair if you prefer to sit. Close your eyes and start paying attention to how your body feels. Breathe deeply, imagine the breath entering your fingertips, flowing through your body. As you exhale, focus on a body part to recognize and relax. Maybe your neck is tight on one side, or your fists are clenched, acknowledge the stress and release it. The body scan is a great exercise to do in bed at night, but be ready to sleep soundly, because it is very effective.

3. 5-minute inspection – Look at a simple item for 5 minutes

If you have ever tried to draw something from memory (the famous example is a bicycle), you probably learned that you don’t know exactly what a bicycle looks like. For instance, you likely have the broad idea of a bike, two wheels, handle-bars, seat- a bicycle. However, when it comes to how everything fits together with a frame, drawing a big blank is common. Now take that lack of intimate knowledge as a wakeup and really look at something. For the exercise, pick a small everyday object and study it for 5 minutes. Notice the details, colors, textures, smell, weight, and temperature of your object. Letting your brain exit the hectic pace of everyday life is incredibly therapeutic, and you might even find a real hidden piece of art in your life!

2. Savor a snack

This is a mindfulness exercise that everyone should be able to get behind! Eat a snack. More specifically, savor a small piece of food. Pick a food, preferably one that has complex flavors, smells, or textures, like a raisin, and really enjoy it. Feel the texture of the piece of your snack as you hold it, take in the aroma, really try to identify the tastes and textures as you nibble. Take your time and purposefully experience the moment. Food is one of the greatest joys of life, combine it with mindfulness to experience euphoria.

1. 5-4-3-2-1

The 5-4-3-2-1 exercise is so popular because it is incredibly effective. It tops the list here for its ability to entirely focus the whole body. To start, simply identify the following in regards to the moment, 5 things you can see, 4 things you can feel, 3 things you can hear, 2 things you can smell, and 1 thing you can taste. By doing each of these, you bring all of your senses into the present and experience life in a whole new way. This exercise is especially excellent to practice if you have anxiety as it can ground a person and fight off a panic attack.

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