5 Must-Have First-Aid Herbs

Mother nature has given us so many incredible medicines we too often overlook. Put the pills aside and give her a chance by creating your own herbal first aid kit. The following 5 herbs make a great starter kit and will help you treat many common ailments the 100% natural way.

5. Raspberry Leaf

Are you sunburned from too many hours picking raspberries? Just use the leaf! With its skin-soothing properties and stomach-settling powers, raspberry leaf is a strong addition to your first aid kit. To settle the stomach, or ease menstrual cramps, steep raspberry leaves in boiling water for 15 minutes to make a soothing tisane. For sunburn, eczema, itchiness, and some rashes use raspberry leaves in a bath soak or poultice to soothe irritated, inflamed skin.

4. Catnip

Catnip is easy to grow and earns its place in the first aid kit as a repellent of flies, mosquitos, cockroaches, and deer ticks. Catnip tea is also incredibly useful as a treatment for nervousness, anxiety, upset stomach, and insomnia. Steep catnip in boiling water for fifteen minutes, then enjoy! But make sure you keep a close eye on your mug if you have cats, they might fancy themselves in need of treatment.

3. Plantain

Plantago Major, a member of the same family as the grocery store plantain, brings significant benefits to your medicine bag. This plantain can be used to soothe skin irritation caused by insect bites, poison ivy, and other stings and rashes. Simply crush the leaves and apply the resulting liquid to the affected area to reduce pain, inflammation, and itchiness. If you find plantain in the wild, you can use its fibers for cords, fishing line, or sutures too!

2. Stinging Nettle

Those evil stinging leaves are actually an essential part of a well-rounded medicine cabinet. Use gloves to harvest and freeze the leaves before infusing them into tea. Nettle tea is used to treat respiratory symptoms like itchy, watery eyes, runny nose, and inflamed sinuses. Stinging nettle also contains a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals, including vitamins A, B, C, and K. Forgive the plant for all those times you stepped on it as a child, now it can work for you!

1. Lavender

Pure lavender oil is the best smelling resident of the medicine kit. This purple flower packs a big pain-relieving punch. Inhale lavender oil and dab your temple and wrists to effectively treat headaches and migraines. Unprocessed lavender flowers should also be on hand to make a tea that can promote sleep, ease menstrual cramps, improve skin health, and treat fatigue. Try adding lavender to your catnip tea for double the effectiveness and a lovely light taste and aroma.

Herbs are powerful natural medicine, so they may also interact with your current medications.
Always consult with your doctor regarding any new herbal supplements or dietary changes to make sure they are right for you.

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