5 Bad Habits To Avoid Damaging Your Eyes

Our environment impacts eye health and can be a direct cause of vision issues. Dry climates, excessive UV exposure, improper care, or even specific products can damage our eyes. Fortunately, caring for your eyes by knowing what to avoid is easy and will benefit both your vision and overall eye health.


Central Heating and Air Conditioning

Central Heating and Air Conditioners work by removing all the moisture from the air in a room. Although a dry climate may not seem dangerous, excessive exposure can irritate eyes, negatively affecting your vision and health. When eyes are exposed to dry air, they are more vulnerable to surface damage and even infections.



UV Light and Sunglasses

The sun’s UV rays are only increasing, and just like your skin needs sunscreen for protection, our eyes need sunglasses. Sunlight in the middle of the day contains more UV light than sunrise or sunset. Too much UV sunlight can cause a host of health threats to our eyes and body, like cataracts, pterygium, and even eyelid cancer. Be safe by wearing sunglasses and avoiding the sun during the middle of the day.


Makeup and Removers

Certain makeup products and their removers can irritate and negatively affect our eyesight. Be extra careful while applying and removing makeup to avoid getting anything in your eyes. Also, avoid products containing cleaning agents like benzalkonium chloride, which can directly harm eye tissue and even damage eyesight.



Improper Use Of Contact Lenses

Although some brands claim to be safe for sleep, always avoid sleeping with any contacts in, since any eye irritation may lead to serious harm. Strict medical guidelines state to never store contact lenses in water since improper storage can cause infections and even permanent eye damage.


Sleep Deprivation and Apnea

Studies have shown a minimum of 5 hours of sleep every night is vital to maintaining eye health and overall bodily function. Too much stimulation without rest can result in dry eyes, irritation, blurry vision, popped blood vessels, or even eye spasms.

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