13 Uses for Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has been a popular product for several years now, and for a good reason. Coconut oil contains vitamin E, which can protect you from cell damage and help your digestive health. It also has fatty acids that are good for your health. However, there are more uses for coconut oil than you think. Check out these 13 uses for coconut oil that you might not have known!


Doctors recommend wearing sunscreen every time you go outside. Wearing sunscreen helps protect you against the sun’s harmful rays, and it can also help keep your skin looking younger. If you are looking for a natural sunscreen, coconut might be the answer for you. Research has shown that coconut oil can protect you from about 20% of the sun’s UV rays, making it have an SPF of 7. While this isn’t the recommended SPF to wear every day, it is useful in a pinch. It can be used under any makeup products that contain SPF for extra protection.

Butter Substitute

Coconut oils contain a lot of healthy fats, which makes it an excellent substitute for butter. Use coconut oil in your baking and cooking recipes, grease for your pans, and even on your toast!


Need help with your dental health? Coconut oil can help! Using coconut oil as a mouthwash can help freshen your breath, and it can also help fight against gingivitis, tooth decay, and whitens your teeth.


Coconut is a great natural moisturizer. Use it on your tough calluses to make them smooth. Massage natural coconut oil directly to your cuticle to help soften and repair any damage.

Makeup Remover

Makeup can be hard to remove sometimes. If you are struggling to find the easiest way to remove your stubborn makeup, try coconut oil. The fats in the coconut oil will breakdown and remove your makeup, even stubborn waterproof eye makeup. This type of removal is gentle on your skin, making it perfect if you have sensitive skin.


Coconut oil is not only a good substitute for butter, but it also good to incorporate in your other dishes. It is a type of natural saturated fat, meaning that it is a lot healthier for you than other oils. Use coconut oil when you are frying foods for a healthier meal. You can also use coconut oil in salad dressings.

Stain Removal

No one likes it when you get a stain on your favorite shirt. Don’t fret; coconut can help! Create a paste by mixing equal parts of coconut oil and baking soda. Then apply the paste to the stain. Wait five minutes before wiping away the paste and washing your shirt as usual. Repeat this process if you have a particularly deep stain.

Insect repellent

Despite smelling nice, coconut oil can be used as a natural insect repellent. Mix the essential oil citronella with coconut oil and apply a small amount on your body for a safe, natural way to ward off those pesky insects.


Because coconut oil contains vitamin E, promoting cell health and growth, it is an excellent treatment for your burns. Applying coconut oil to a burn will help keep them moisturized and encourage new skin growth and healing.

Hair Care

Coconut oil has many moisturizing properties, making it perfect if you have dry or damaged hair. Apply the oil to your wet hair, massaging it into your scalp and hair. If you have dandruff, be sure you focus on your scalp, and if you have split ends, be sure to focus on the ends of your hair to help repair the damage. Applying small amounts of coconut oil onto your comb can also help detangle your hair and will give you some added moisture and shine.


Some deodorants contain harmful chemicals that are bad for your skin and your health. If you are looking for a natural way to combat body odor, try coconut oil. Coconut oils can help fight against odor and can kill germs too! Mix the oil with your favorite essential oil and baking soda for added protection and odor-killing power.

Stretch Marks

In recent years, people have been becoming more comfortable with their stretch marks. However, they can still cause confidence issues for others. Coconut oil can help reduce the appearance of stretch marks and promote elasticity in your skin. To help repair your stretch marks, apply the coconut oil to the areas you wish to restore. If you are pregnant, apply the coconut oil over your belly regularly during your pregnancy for the best results.

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